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Building Technology For Business Efficiency and Growth


We identify business processes that can be improved through technology. We use research to craft the most convenient solutions.


We build tools for businesses to streamline processes. Our focus is on integrating digital processes for efficiency and profitability in focused markets.


We build solutions to help businesses grow through partnerships. Our impact continues to grow in a diverse range of industries.

We Develop Sustainable Technologies

We develop technologies that create efficiency for businesses and communities. Our solutions are tailored for the following eco-systems:-

Corporates and Organizations

We use technology to identify and solve challenges for businesses, non-governmental organizations, and government agencies. We create tools that are tailor made to suit each clients needs.

Developing Markets

We seek to increase value in developing markets by deploying technology in niche sectors. We use data to identify the most promising niches and create the tools required to accelerate their development.

Community Enterprises

We understand that every community has its set of unique needs which can only be solved by investing in enterprises that solve them. We work with communities to develop enterprises that work for their interests.

Our Technologies Create Growth & Opportunities

We partner with organizations and businesses to create efficiency through technology & digital platforms.
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We are in these industries

We are passionate about the industries we focus on and are constantly expanding our reach. We have a footprint in Renewable Energy, Mobility, Retail, Web Technologies, Finance, Tours & Travel.

Renewable Energy

We provide products and technology for affordable renewable energy. Our solutions are creating sustainable homes, businesses, and communities.


We have invested in platforms that have a radical approach to how we move and transport goods. We view mobility infrastructure and technology as a key investment for moving people and goods.


We offer technology for a simplified retail process. With our growing network of retail outlets, we are making retail better for consumers, investors and manufacturers.

Tours & Travel

Fun is only made when the moments are memorable, our ventures are focused on offering a diverse range of tools for service providers in tours, travel and travel industries.


We provide finance models for businesses to acquire or develop digital assets. This could range from getting a simple website to development of a complex software.

Web Technologies

We partner with firms and communities seeking business leverage through web technologies such as websites, messaging platforms, email systems, and content development.

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