The Firm

What inspires us…

We were founded as a web development company which gave us insight into some of the challenges that communities, businesses, non-governmental and government agencies experience in the markets that we operate in due to a lack of sufficient cost effective technology investments.

This inspired us to develop low cost high impact technology investments that have a maximum payback period of 48 months or less in various industries. Our investments and partnerships are informed by shared core values of innovation, quality and integrity.

Our commitment…

We are committed to the development of high quality technology solutions in our key industries and markets. We view it as our solemn duty to be at the forefront of bringing daring solutions through technology to accelerate market growth, create opportunities and value for all stakeholders.

Understanding the important role that our technology plays in the eco-systems we operate in, we are committed to engaging communities in crafting solutions that work with and for them.

The journey so far…

  • 2015



    KWE Digital is founded as a web development company and quickly becomes one of the leading service providers in East Africa through provision of high quality and cutting edge solutions. The firm offers cost efficient web technologies for businesses, international non-governmental agencies, diplomatic missions, government agencies, academic institutions and political parties.

  • 2017


    Understanding the challenges experienced in scaling solutions in key eco-systems and the potential of low cost high impact technology development, the firm diversifies to offer investments in this space. Investments are focused on developing markets, communities enterprises and corporations and organizations.



  • 2018



    While initially focused on East Africa, the firm widens its horizons to include more markets. We are currently offering solutions in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe. We are coming to more markets soon.

Our technology solutions are transforming markets and businesses in Africa.

We continue to create opportunities in Africa with custom technology solutions in various markets. You can get up to date on what we have been by subscribing to our newsletter. We promise to never spam your mail!