Where we invest

KWE Digital invests in African market where the cost of acquiring technology is relatively high for small and medium enterprises. We invest in low cost high impact technology businesses that have a maximum payback period of 48 months or less in various industries.

Why it matters

Acquiring relevant technology at a substantially lower cost sets small and medium businesses up for successes in getting more done better for less. We believe in the development of simplified yet powerful technologies in impacting the marketplaces and delivering more value for our communities and stakeholders. Below are some of the entities we have invested in.




Dypole is a small business domain registration and web hosting company that also offers a marketplace for freelancers to bid for website design jobs from the company’s hosting clients. Dypole is focused on bringing affordable services to the small business at a lower cost while offering them the most value which is inline with KWE Digital’s mission.




NiYaLeo is an e-commerce search engine for local marketplaces. NiYaLeo offers a multivendor marketplace for businesses and a highly specialized search engine which gives visibility to these entities. We believe in NiYaLeo’s vision of offering tools that empower individuals and small businesses in the local marketplace.


DriveCount Technologies


DriveCount is a mobility, logistics, and portable media application designed for the East African (EA) market that covers Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, and Rwanda. The application is built to enhance user experience with a new electric form of shared public transport by offering access to broader range of mobility options, access to customized mobile infotainment, and ability to use PSVs to smoothly transport and manage the movement of things from one point of origin to point of usage.
DriveCount is an important investment for us as its technology is key our mission.


Kilimo Connect


Kilimo Connect is an exclusive farmer’s social network. The network serves as a hub for farmers to aggregate and share knowledge and experiences on agricultural topics. Kilimo Connect is instrumental in connecting with people who will have the most influence in the coming decades, farmers, as it is their expertise that will help the continent in creating food security. KWE Digital is happy to be invested in this platform and look forward to seeing it play a more influential role in moving agriculture in Africa to the new age.